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Summer 22 Camps

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

ABOUT B1 Basketball Camps

B1 Academy basketball utilizes the AMP method of training to teach the game of basketball. The AMP method of training utilizes  a science based approach to skills and development that allow the athlete to become adaptive, both mentally and physically, on the court. An adaptive approach to the game is essential for maximizing an athletes potential.

In this camp, we will train each athlete in AMP method development, learning the tools needed to become a more elite  adaptive player. Whether the athlete is just a beginner, or if they are an elite player, the techniques they learn in this camp help to foster their ability to maximize their own potential.

Our experienced coaching staff will teach them the essential skills of basketball: from ball handling and shooting to passing and defense, from a research based approach. Our staff explains the science behind the skills of the game, allowing the athlete to understand the WHY behind the game. When they understand the WHY, the game becomes easier for them, and they are able to adapt to any scenario on the court.

What will players get out of the camp?

  • Learn the ONLY 3 things you need to be an unstoppable offensive player.

  • Learn the secrets no other camp will tell you to becoming a great ball handler

  • Learn how to read and manipulate your opponent to gain an advantage both defensively and offensively.

  • Learn essential skills to be able to adapt to any scenario on the court.

  • Learn the game through a science based logical method.

mental skills

  • Learn techniques used by professional athletes to reduce performance anxiety and reduce heart rate, leading to maximum performance.

  • Learn skills to cope with stress from everyday life, not just on the court but off as well.

  • Learn the ONE THING needed to overcome anything and persevere,.

Ball Handling

  • Learn the importance of and how to utilize body position with every move you make.

  • Dribble moves to help you blow by the defense at will.

  • Critical progressions to ensure that your ball handling is efficient and impactful.



  • Learn the myth that is hurting your shooting today, and how to combat that myth.

  • How to position your feet and align your body to increase the chance of shooting the ball straight..

  • Techniques that Steph Curry uses to develop a quick release.

  • Science based shooting technique that will improve accuracy and efficiency.



  • Finishing techniques used to become an unstoppable offensive threat.

  • Research based techniques that maximize your ability while minimizing your opponents



  • Learn the proper technique of screens and how to utilize them to maximize success.

  • How to attack down screens, back screens, and more.


  • Learn proper footwork and body position to dominate on the defensive end.

  • How to defend on ball and off screens effectively in any situation

  • Learn the clues needed to dictate where your opponent will go.

AND more...

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