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The B1 Story

B1 Academy began as a vision of Coach Sat more than 10 years ago. He noticed there was not much offered in the way of player development in the Espanola Valley and Northern New Mexico.


Through Coach Sat's efforts, he was able to start a summer camp for youth in Northern New Mexico, growing the camp every year. Through those camps he was able to connect with the youth of Northern New Mexico, and the surrounding communities.


The success of those camps allowed Coach Sat to start personally training players in the Northern New Mexico area, allowing the athletes of the area to increase their knowledge of  basketball and understanding of the game. Due to the success of the training sessions, Coach Sat was able to meet many pro athletes and work with some amazing coaches. He took his vision and expanded it, working with some trainers in the Phoenix, AZ area to allow B1 Academy grow.

Now, B1 Academy is taking the next step and forming travel teams to compete with the best talent around the country. Why? So we can create a growing talent pool here in New Mexico. 

We need to start showing the rest of the country how great athletes are from New Mexico.

Join the B1 Academy family today. Let's continue to build the story and tradition of basketball talent here in New Mexico.

Our team


Coach Satguru Khalsa

Director of Player Development

Coach Sat’s passion for basketball started at the age of 5. He grew up in Upstate New York and played high school ball, reaching state tournament (Sectionals) twice. After graduating high school, he played collegiate ball overseas. Upon his return to the States, he continued his involvement in basketball by becoming a head coach and player developer. His coaching/player development career has spanned nearly 20 years, across every level. He has been a scout/pre-draft analyst at the G League level, as well as an Assistant at the collegiate level.

Coach Sat recently resigned from his position as a Junior Varsity Boys’ Basketball Head Coach for a prep school located in Santa Fe New Mexico to devote more time to B1 Academy.


He also has run a successful summer camp for the past 6 years, focusing on assisting players with increasing their on-court knowledge of the game. “When the players understand the why and science behind the game, they make natural decisions on the court instead of thinking on the court. This allows the player to develop at a higher rate.”

Coach Sat holds a Bachelor’s in Integrated Studies with a concentration in Psychology and Sports Performance. He is currently finishing his Master’s in Sports and Exercise Psychology and Certification as a Mental Performance Counselor (CMPC). He incorporates mental strength training techniques in all his player development.

“The mental part of the game is neglected too much. When a player understands techniques to control the mental aspect of their game, their development expands exponentially. They become a better player, and more importantly, a better person.”


  • BA in Integrated Studies (Psychology & Sports Performance)


  • USA Basketball Gold Certified

  • IMPACT Certified

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